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"MS Truong Xuan Voyage to Freedom" is the web site of friends and relatives of Captain Pham Ngoc Luy who commanded the MS Truong-Xuan with about 4,000 refugees on a perilous voyage in South China Sea, in search of freedom in April 1975.
In this Web site, we post articles and photos relating to the voyage of Truong-Xuan and activities of those among the 4,000 refugees whom we have contact, now settle in free countries of the world.
We hope with this Web site, future generations of Truong-Xuan families will find their roots and learn about their forefathers' quest for freedom.
Friends and relative of Truong-Xuan families feel free to submit writings, poems, and photos to the web-owner.

Feedback and/or ideas are welcome. Please send us a note, to: web-owner